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Adrienne Parker had one task when she came to Holton Station: Develop a drug that would take humanity off the Overseer menu. But when she and her research are both captured by a renegade alien, she learns her straightforward war is more complicated than it seems.

Captured by a renegade Overseer, Adrienne faces a horrible choice: destroy her research or wind up as a monster's midnight snack. Well, she’ll be defiant to the last; all else fails, at least she’ll give the alien indigestion.

Then a plague strikes the humans on the renegade’s world. Adrienne will have to compromise with the Overseer on more than just vacation time. Because the space between stars isn’t always black-and-white…

Bob Harris hasn't forgiven himself for losing Bryan Landry, his best friend, to the Overseers. Now he's got a chance to redeem himself. Only problem is, it involves an alliance with the man-eating aliens themselves. Nothing good could come from that...right?

Overseer's Own
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There's no hope for Bryan Landry. The Overseers have invaded human worlds; with superior numbers, better technology, psychic powers and a strong desire to have humans on the menu, they're not interested in peaceful coexistance.

And they've turned Bryan into one of their own.

There's no hope for Adrienne Parker. She's Bryan's only link to his human past, and the Overseers have abducted her off an interplanetary battlefield and given Bryan an ultimatum. If he runs, they'll destroy Adry and an entire planet in the process. If he tries to rescue her, he returns to the monsters that transformed him, and this time the Overseers won't let their convert go without a fight.

There's no hope for humanity's distant colonies, but this is the Rim.

Out here, resistence is everything.

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With a return to Holton Fleet, converted Overseer Bryan Landry faces an ignoble death at the hands of his old allies. Be it a bullet from of a PCR 3 rifle or explosive decompression out the nearest airlock, the result would be the same. Overseers might start out as humans, but as far as Holton Fleet is concerned, the best way for them to end is dead.

But Holton Fleet is the only way to save Adrienne Parker. The Overseers dosed her with an infective agent and left her to die. Bryan may not remember much of his human life, but trading Adry's life for his own seems like a fair trade.

Then a stray laser cripples the Fleet's mothership on the edge of an Overseer battleground. The lives of several thousand human beings are now in alien hands.

Lucky for them, those hands are Bryan Landry's. Too bad he doesn't share their confidence...

Starbleached Omnibus Edition

Contains Starbleached, Planet Bob, Overseer's Own and Valkyrie.

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